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This article summaries what is happening currently in the political and economical climate. Sources and blogs with more in-depth articles will be posted alongside the summary and date. Any contributor can add to this page (like the rest of the wiki), and we ask that you put the most recent event at the top.

  • July 31st: The government confirms that free movement between the UK and the EU shall end after Brexit, amid suggestions that there was disagreement. [1]
  • July 31st: A bid to prosecute Tony Blair over the Iraq war has been rejected by the high court. [2]
  • July 26th: The ONS announced that the economy expanded by 0.3% in the last quarter, slightly up from the previous one. However there is a "notable slowdown" from last year. [3]
  • July 21st: Public sector borrowing went up in June 2017, a government report reveals. [4]
  • July 20th: The UK and the EU are still at odds over citizens' rights and the price of Brexit at the end of the second week of talks. [5]
  • July 17th: An extra 1.3 billion pounds extra has been promised for English schools over the next 2 years in response to campaigns about fund shortages, but it will come from elsewhere in the education budget. [6]
  • July 14th: The government is fined £366,900 for breaking its own pay cap rules. [7]
  • July 13th: The government publishes the bill to transfer EU law into British law, however it faces scrutiny from both the opposition parties, the Scottish government and the welsh assembly. [8]
  • July 12th: Michel Barnier says that the proposed rights on living by the british after brexit "does not allow those persons concerned to continue to live their lives as they do today." [9]
  • July 8th: Donald Trump and Theresa May are due to discuss a post-Brexit trade deal at the G20 summit. [10]
  • July 5th: Jeremy Corbyn accuses the Tories of "floundering" over the public sector pay cap. [11]
  • July 4th: Sinn Féin blames the failure of the Stormont talks on power sharing on the DUP's support for the Conservative government. [12]
  • July 4th: The Conservatives drop plans to end free school meals for infants, after listening "very carefully" to the views of parents, in Nick Gibb's words. [13]