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  • June 23rd: Theresa May's proposal for EU nationals living in the UK has been called "insufficient" by the President of the European Commision, Jean-Claude Juncker. [1]
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  • June 16th: Following the recent fire of Grenfell Tower, in which 70 or more people are missing, there have been demonstrations at Kensignton and Chelsea town hall. [2]
  • June 16th: The Queen, Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Sadiq Khan, among others, have visited Grenfell Tower following the fire. The Prime Minister has been critised for not showing "her humanity", unlike her counter, Jeremy Corbyn. [3]
  • June 11th: All the latest cabinet appointments can be found here.
  • June 11th: Theresa May begins reshuffling her cabinet today. [4]
  • June 9th: The UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall, has resigned after his party failed to get any of it's candidates elected. [5]
  • June 9th: No party has enough seats to win a majority; thus, Theresa May will try to from a minority government with help from the DUP, who gained 10 seats in the election. [6]
  • June 9th: All the results of the election are in. The Conservatives have 318 seats, Labour has 262 seats, the SNP has 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats have 14 seats, Plaid Cymru have 4 seats and the Greens have 4 seats. [7]
  • June 8th: The Conservative party is projected as the largest party in an election exit poll. [8]
  • June 8th: Polling day begins in the U.K for the General Election 2017 [9]
  • TERRORIST ATTACK IN LONDON - read more here.
  • June 5th: Two of the London Bridge attackers have been named. [10]
  • June 5th: Prominent individuals, including Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron's former aide Steve Hilton, have backed calls for Theresa May to resign over her cuts to police numbers when she was Home Secretary. This is in the wake of the terrorist attack in London and the police commissioners statement today that Britain should review it's resources, particularly neighbourhood policing. [11]
  • June 5th: After Saturday's terrorist attack, election campaigning resumes. [12]
  • June 4th: Jeremy Corbyn has, following the yesterday's terrorist attack, criticised the Conservatives for what he calls trying to "protect the public on the cheap" as he reasserts his promise to fund 10,000 more police officers, however the Conservatives have called this "desperate promises". [13]
  • June 4th: Theresa May has announced that "enough is enough" in reference to the terrorist attack - she sees the main connection between all attacks in the past 3 months as "Islamist Extremism" and there is too much tolerance for it. She has also announced that the 2017 Election will go ahead. [14]
  • June 4th: The COBR meeting has finished and the PM will make a statement outside Downing Street shortly. [15]
  • June 4th: UKIP will not suspend campaigning because, as Paul Nuttall said, "it is what these cowards want us to do". [16]
  • June 4th: The death toll of the terrorist attack has risen to seven. [17]
  • June 4th: BBC News has confirmed that Labour will suspend it's national campaigning today. [18]
  • June 4th: Sky News has confirmed both the Conservatives and SNP will suspend campaigning following the terrorist attack. [19]
  • June 4th: ITV's News Political Editor, Robert Peston has said that "politicians to suspend national campaigning today" after the terrorist attack. [20]
  • June 3rd: A terrorist attack in London has left 6 people dead. A white van has veered off the road and hit pedestrians on London Bridge. After having hit the pedestrians, three men came out of the van and headed to Borough Market where they stabbed people with long knives. Within eight minutes, armed police had shot the men dead. [21]
  • June 3rd: Due, in part, to the confusion over the Conservatives' taxs plans, Theresa May's approval ratings have declined and the Tory lead is now at only 6 points. [22]
  • June 3rd: Both Micheal Fallon and Boris Johnson have said, in separate interviews, there is "absolutely" no plan to raise income tax under a Conservative government, however, it is still not a pledge in the manifesto. [23]
  • June 2nd: Philip Hammond has dismissed claims that ministers believe he will be replaced as Chancellor by Amber Rudd if the Conservatives win the election. [24]
  • June 2nd: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn both faced questions from an audience in the Question Time election special. May had to deal with pressure on her stance on social care and public sector worker's pay, whilst Corbyn had to deal with pressure on his stance on defence. [25]
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  • June 2nd: The Conservative candidate for South Thanet, Craig Mackinlay, along with two of his aides, have been charged with electoral fraud in the 2015 election, just 6 days before he is to contest his seat in the 2017 election. [26]
  • June 2nd: Theresa May has announced the Conservatives are going to be "working for" her promise to cut immigration to be fulfilled by 2022 (the end of the next parliament), however, on Question Time, David Davis, her Brexit secretary, contradicted her by saying "we [the Conservatives] didn't put a date" on how long it would take to cut immigration and that they "can't promise [it] within five years". [27]
  • June 2nd: The Daily Telegraph has revealed that Labour's campaign is "being boosted by fake social media accounts that pump out positive messages about Jeremy Corbyn thousands of times per day". [28]
  • June 1st: Donald Trump has announced that the United States will withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement, after a plea from the UN Secretary General not to. This has drawn international condemnation. [29]
  • June 1st: Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out a coalition in the event that Labour is the largest party but without a marjority. [30]

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